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Fagerhult is one of Europe’s leading lighting companies. Our largest markets are the Nordic region and the UK. Outside of these, Fagerhult has strong positions in Germany, the Netherlands, Turkey and Australia. During the year, Fagerhult expanded its international presence through the acquisition of Lighting Innovations with its registered offices in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. With subsidiaries in a total of 25 countries, operations are divided into four geographical business areas. Marketing and sales activities are primarily performed locally through our subsidiaries and also via agents and distributors thus giving Fagerhult access to more than 40 markets. Production units are located in Sweden, Finland, the UK, Germany, Australia, Turkey, South Africa and China.

Fagerhult activities are divided among four geographic business regions:

  • Northern Europe - Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Russia, Estonia
  • UK and Ireland - UK, Irleland,
  • Western and Southern Europe - Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Belgium; USA
  • Africa, Asia and the Pacific - Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and China

AB Fagerhult’s share is traded on the Nasdaq Stockholm (Mid Cap).

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