CEO statement about Sustainability

The possibility of adapting lighting based on needs and conditions generates, alongside the tangible benefit, a wealth of values for society, people and the environment.This corresponds well with Fagerhult’s endeavour to contribute in all ways possible to a brighter and sustainable world.

The technology shift to LED is progressing at record speed and already accounts for two-thirds of our sales. The rapid development is a natural effect of the technology’s many advantages, through which it offers an excellent combination of energy savings,lower cost and long useful life. This is also a technology shift that we as yet have only seen the beginning of, not least in terms of creating more efficient and smarter light sources in which LEDs are combined with platforms for digital control and online services.

Shining the spotlight on our key questions

For a number of years, Fagerhult has reported its sustainability efforts in accordance with the international GRI framework. Ahead of this year’s report a more extensive materiality analysis has been carried out in the form of an appraisal of the aspects that Fagerhult assesses as being of strategic importance with those our stakeholders perceive as significant. I believe this work has contributed to strengthening internal consensus about what sustainable and responsible enterprise means for Fagerhult. Sustainable product development, energy-efficient products, business ethics and reviews of our supply chain are among the areas that are assessed as strategic or prioritised for other reasons for Fagerhult to manage and communicate on.

We welcome our new employees in South Africa

During the year, the Fagerhult Group acquired the South African firm Lighting Innovations and we thereby gained another 210 colleagues. We are now total of 2,573 employees in the Group. The integration process is in full swing and is following a similar path to our earlier acquisitions. Being a part of the Fagerhult Group means that the guidelines for responsible enterprise must be complied with. It is all formulated as a Code of Conduct in which our view on areas including environmental responsibility, working conditions, diversity and equal opportunities, are set forth. The Code also regulates our relations with suppliers and customers in regard to gifts, entertainment and sponsorship.

The importance of consistent targeted efforts

The source of the Fagerhult Group’s success is the interaction of a number of factors. Our decentralised entrepreneurial business approach and our consistent adherence to our strategy to create a globally integrated company are two core components. A third component is our employees’ targeted efforts to generate customer benefits, driven by extensive expertise regarding lighting’s possibilities together with sound technical competence. Furthermore, I am convinced that a responsible enterprise approach generates long-term business value for Fagerhult. By shouldering our responsibilities today, we will also have better prerequisites for pursuing successful business moving forward.

Habo, June 2016

Johan Hjertonsson
President and Group CEO