Group Management

Internationalisation, a clear division of responsibility for results, resource optimisation and growth platforms are guidelines for the composition of the Group’s Management Group. Group Management consists – apart from the CEO – of one manager in charge of the respective Business Areas, responsible for results, regions, and coordination tasks, two individuals with the functional responsibility for market ing work, product development and production, and one manager in charge of the staff functions finance/economy/IT/HR. Group Management holds a minimum of six meet ings per year to review results, the Company’s situation and strategic and operational issues. One meeting per year is somewhat longer in duration. The Company’s activities are planned and discussed in greater detail at this meeting.

In conjunction with the establishment of a new strategy for the Fagerhult Group in 2010, it was determined that the operational management structure should be adjusted accordingly. Fagerhult has chosen to divide its operations into four business areas based on geographical regions, as well as one business area covering other activities.