Nomination procedure

A Nomination Committee is formed each year at the initiative of the Chairman of the Board, and is subsequently appointed at the AGM. The Nomination Committee comprises the representatives of major shareholders in the company. The identity of these shareholders is to be based on the shareholders’ register and list of nominees maintained by Euroclear Sweden AB and refer to those shareholders registered under their own names or as members of an owner group as per 30th September 2016.

Largest shareholders per 30 September 2016:

Name Number of shares Share capital and voting rights, %
Investment AB Latour 18 620 400 48,3%
SSB CL Omnibus AC, USA 3 007 979 7,8%
Fam Svensson, familj, stiftelse och bolag 2 836 875 7,4%
Lannebo Fonder 2 473 632  6,4%
Robur Småbolagsfond 1 565 601 4,1%

Nomination Committee ahead of 2017 comprises: 

Member of the Nomination Committee 


Participation / votes

Member of the Nomination Committee since

Jan Svensson

Investment AB Latour

48,3 %


Eric Douglas

Investment AB Latour

48,3 %1


Göran Espelund

Lannebo Fonder

6,4 %


Evert Carlsson

Robur Fonder

4,1 %


1) Holding through Investment AB Latour, where Eric Douglas with family and companies are the main owners.

The work of the Nomination Committee

The work of the Nomination Committee takes place during the end of the financial year and at the start of the new financial year. Prior to an AGM at which auditors are to be appointed, the Nomination Committee collaborates with the Audit Committee, which works with the evaluation of the work of the auditors. The Nomination Committee is to observe the guidelines that apply to independent Board members under the Swedish Corporate Governance Code when making nominations to the AGM. Shareholders have the opportunity to submit written proposals to the Nomination Committee.

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