Policies and goals

Fagerhult's energy efficient products are our most important contribution to the environment, but we are also working towards a reduction in our internal climate impact. This includes the selection of our raw materials and control of our energy consumption in manufacturing as well as in our packaging and transportation operations.

Our environmental policy

Fagerhults Belysning AB develops and manufactures lighting systems. Energy consumption during usage represents a large part of the luminaire's total environmental impact and therefore Fagerhult's main contribution to the environment is to develop energy efficient products. Our ambition is to limit the luminaire's environmental impact during its entire life cycle - from development through manufacturing and use to recycling.

In our environmental work we attempt

  • To meet or exceed demands in applicable legislation.
  • To economize with resources, energy as well as raw materials, and increase recycling in the whole process.
  • To observe environmental consequences before new raw materials, products and production equipment are introduced.
  • To make demands on our suppliers and contractors to take the environment into consideration.
  • To continuously develop environmental work through new objectives and regular follow-up.
  • To be a good environmental citizen. We will have an open dialogue with employees, customers, the general public and authorities about the company's environmental and energy work and continuously develop our employees within the area.

Our environmental goals

Fagerhults Belysning AB's environmental goals can be summarised in four main goals.
The goals are related to the production volume.

  • Our manufacturing units' operation shall be CO2 neutral and our ambition is to achieve a total CO2 neutral business production.
  • Reduce the products' environmental impact during their life-cycle.
  • Reduce our manufacturing units' energy consumption.
  • Reduce our manufacturing unit's environmental load on the local environment.
  • Reduce consumption of raw materials and minimise the amount of low grade waste.

Our quality policy

The quality work at Fagerhult includes:

  • To deliver products and services that exceed customer's expectations.
  • Every contact with us, our products and services will be a good reference for future co-operation.
  • To take an active part in developing our products, services and processes.

Our quality goals

The relation between Fagerhult and the customer is built on confidence. Our strength is to fulfill our promises. The customer should always be contacted in case of deviations, to agree upon corrective actions. We will learn from our mistakes and not repeat them.
Our main quality goals are to:

  • Improve our delivery performance to our customers.
  • Reduce our external quality costs.
  • Reduce our internal quality costs.
  • Improve delivery performance from our suppliers.
  • Reduce the number of negative customer reactions.


Gunnar Eliasson
Quality & Environment Manager
+46 (0)36 10 86 35