Light and people are at the centre of Fagerhult operations, so it is self-evident that we also place great emphasis on the social impact of our operations.

Our view of social responsibility is defined and communicated in the Fagerhult Code of Conduct, which describes the way in which we are to behave vis à vis colleagues, suppliers and other parties and entities in society. We provide our employees with equal opportunities and treat them equally regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background or nationality, cross-gender identity, race, religion, political belief, age or disability.

Diversity is encouraged at all levels in the Group. We work actively to eliminate all forms of discriminatory treatment of employees, to pay fair salaries and provide fair benefits, in accordance with the relevant norms and legislation in the countries in which the Group operates. We offer employees a secure and healthy work environment and strive to minimise work-related accidents and injuries. As a minimum, our units will strictly comply with national legislation and/or collective agreements. We support and respect international conventions regarding human rights and never tolerate threats of coercion or violence.