Product areas

Fagerhult develops, manufactures and markets innovative and energy efficient lighting solutions for professional environments. A wide range of products and solutions is offered within our three main product areas: Indoor, Retail and Outdoor. The specification of the operations per product area is based on the differences in the sales procedures and the manner in which customer requirements are fulfilled, such as the application environment, product concept and service level.

The largest product area, Indoor, is in all of the markets. Retail's various solutions are primarily found in the Nordic and German markets, although they are also sold to global brand chain stores, and follow along with those stores' international expansion. So far, Outdoor solutions are mainly found on the Nordic market.

The allocation of sales and customers into segments, for all three product areas, is based on a profound knowledge of the local market. The applicable sales model does, however, differ somewhat between the product areas.

Sales per business area in 2016

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