Increasingly, retail lighting is being developed to create an attractive environment profiling the brand while stimulating the consumers’ purchasing behaviour. Retail is Fagerhult’s second largest product segment. It accounts for approximately one third of net sales – and has the potential to grow in pace with the global chain stores’ expansion.

Various solutions are offered for specific retail concepts and for national and international chain stores. The solutions offered under the Fagerhult brand are aimed, primarily, at larger chain stores with strong brands within fashion and food retailing. LTS, which is a major actor in the German market, is more focused on showrooms and concept stores.


Fagerhult’s business in retail lighting has developed through the years. Today, sales are primarily aimed at those responsible for concepts at major international fashion chains. Fagerhult’s sales take place directly to the client, while the German LTS differs from other companies in the Group through primarily selling indirectly via wholesalers. LTS and Fagerhult generate the majority of Retail’s sales. Other companies offering solutions within Retail are Whitecroft in the UK and the newly acquired Arlight in Turkey.

Share of total net sales