Strategy and core values

Fagerhult’s strong position is based on local client relationships, strong brands and a proven ability to apply the latest lighting technologies to meet customer needs. We strive to play an active and leading role in shaping the lighting industry. For this reason, acquisitions continue to be an important part of our strategy, contributing to our international growth and strengthening our product portfolio.

Our vision is to be a leading, global supplier of lighting solutions. To achieve this, we have formulated six strategic initiatives – based on the way we work and four key strategic cornerstones – to focus on until 2017.

Strategic cornerstones

Fagerhult’s strategic cornerstones are areas where we are already performing well - but where we wish to further improve in order to maintain and increase our competitive advantage. 

  • Lighting expertise and customer insight
  • Broad portfolio and customised solutions
  • Delivery precision through a strong supply chain
  • High level of product service

Way of working

Our aim is to be a globally knitted together, customer insight driven company that leverages the Group’s size and competencies while preserving the entrepreneurial culture in our local organizations. The foundation for our success is the way we work and our culture and values, which are deeply-rooted throughout the whole Group. The drivers for this are:

  • Entrepreneurial “can-do culture” driving our core values – Customer Focus, Performance Culture and Innovative Mindset.
  • Leveraging the Group’s size and knowledge-based synergies in areas such as purchasing, manufacturing, product development and competence supply.

Focus areas until 2017

  • Develop industry leading lighting solutions
  • Secure profitable organic growth within Indoor lighting
  • Organic growth within Retail lighting
  • Growth within Outdoor lighting, organically and through acquisitions
  • Strive for world-class process and cost efficiency
  • Increase exposure to emerging markets