Our business


Fagerhult is to become a leading global lighting solutions provider.


To create a globally knitted together, customer insight driven company that leverages the Group's size and competencies while preserving the entrepreneurial culture in our local organizations.

Value creation and business model

Fagerhult creates stable and long-term values for shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees and local communities. The model for value creation illustrates the input resources required by operations, and the values created for stakeholders.

The business model, which comprises the core of the value creation process, is built on a strongly decentralised structure. This provides the Group’s ten brands with clear mandates to take the decisions to optimally adapt the business, products and sales channels to local market conditions. This structure also provides extensive opportunity to combine local entrepreneurial perspectives with the advantages of economies of scale.

A number of Group-wide functions and resources have been formed to capture, concentrate and realise the economies of scale that the Group’s size offers, particularly in terms of skills, purchasing and product and technology development.

The Group management is responsible for the overall financial governance and control, as well as for M&A, which form a key element of Fagerhult’s innovation and internationalisation strategy.

Fagerhults´s three product areas

Our products and solutions are offered through one or more of the three product areas – Indoor, Retail and Outdoor – which reflect the professional lighting market. To a varying extent, our brands are contained within each of these areas. Since the three product areas operate on entirely different prerequisites, a flexible and adaptable sales model is required, with variation in direct and indirect sales depending on how the local market works. Fagerhult’s subsidiaries cover more than 20 countries that through direct and indirect sales in combination with agents, distributors and wholesalers reach some 40 markets worldwide.

Using a customer-centric approach, we consistently follow our strategy to continue growth, both organically and through acquisitions. On the way to achieving our desired position as a leading global provider of lighting solutions, we create and generate a number of direct and indirect values that benefit a number of stakeholders.

Business model