We in the Fagerhult Group want to promote responsible behaviour, commitment and honesty. Strong business ethics are something that the Fagerhult Group will never compromise on; everything we do complies with all applicable legislation and the highest ethical standards.

To safeguard this, the Fagerhult Group has established a new procedure so that all employees, business partners and other stakeholders can report any misconduct or unacceptable behaviours that could harm our business, but that are of a such a nature that they cannot be reported under the standard procedures. This whistleblower procedure is an alternative way to report suspicions of serious improprieties or abuses to ensure that these issues are dealt with seriously and appropriately.

As a first course of action, we ask our staff to talk to their nearest managers; however, there can be situations where this is not appropriate or the person wants to remain anonymous. For such cases, the Group wants to facilitate anonymous reporting. Employees, business partners and other stakeholders can all turn to the Group’s HR Manager at the following e-mail address: whistleblowing@fagerhult.se

All communication is anonymous and confidential unless otherwise specified by the whistleblower.

Examples of improprieties and misconduct that could harm the Group’s business and could not be reported under the standard procedures include:

  • Illegal activities
  • Financial fraud
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Breaches of competition laws
  • Serious threats to the environment, health and safety
  • Breaches of trust
  • Activities that can be viewed as seriously inappropriate even if they do not fall under a specific law, contract or agreement.

The Fagerhult Group assumes that all reporting is done with good intentions. If this should turn out not to be the case, it may result in punitive measures.