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Curious creators that aim higher

Our culture is built on our core values. They characterise who we are and what we do, how we treat each other, how we recruit employees, how we evaluate achievements and how we build good leadership.

We have carried out comprehensive work in the entire organisation to clarify and define our culture. This work resulted in several core values that represent our passion for light and lighting as well as a willingness to take responsibility.

Our core values are Curious Creators, Committed Together and Aim Higher. Put together: Curious creators that are Committed together to Aim higher. This corresponds well with our heritage and extensive history.

Diversity strengthens culture

We believe that appreciating people’s differences and various skills is an important way to increase diversity, which in turn leads to better conditions for creating a more innovative culture. Our brand companies are tasked with actively working to create a better balance between the genders, as well as different backgrounds.  

Focus on lifelong learning

Companies in the Group drive the continuous competence development of their employees through offering an inclusive environment characterised by good development opportunities and attractive career paths, locally as well as globally, adapted to local needs.

Group level forums

Our group forums are an important tool for knowledge exchange and collaboration within the Group. We collaborate actively withing areas such as marketing, innovation, production, purchasing and finance.