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Other policies

Everything we do is guided by our respect for international conventions on human rights. Child  labour, or labour performed through coercion or threat of violence, is not tolerated under any circumstances. These measures are stated in our Code of Conduct for business partners.

It is the basis for our actions in relationships with our suppliers, customers and other business partners. It also clarifies the requirements and expectations that we have for our partnerships. Partnerships and collaborations with people are important parameters for succeeding in our sustainability journey, where all of our stakeholders are included in some form. This applies to internal as well as external partnerships.

Our policies for human rights, terms of employment and conflict minerals are all part of our Code of Conduct for business partners.

Read or download the policies here:

Fagerhult Group Code of Conduct for Business Partners

Fagerhult Group Policy Conflict Minerals

Fagerhult Group Policy Human Rights

Fagerhult Group policy Working Conditions