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Integrated into our daily business.

We strive to always do our best and in a responsible manner make sure that we treat people well and that we continuously lower the impact on the environment. We call our sustainability agenda ‘Positive change for better living’ and it is an integrated part of our business strategy and our daily operations.

Why Light Matters

Energy-efficiency is high on the agenda to reach the climate goals and the lighting industry has a part to play. Lighting accounts for up to 15 per cent of global electricity consumption and by using the latest smart lighting solutions, we can potentially reduce energy consumption by up to 90 per cent.

With our footprint, we know that in average 88 per cent of the lifetime GHG emissions of our luminaries comes from the use phase. That is why we put a lot of effort in contributing with new technology and knowledge to help our customers optimise the use of the luminaires. We also are a Group with essential knowledge when it comes to production. We are constantly developing our products to minimise resource consumption and waste as well as using recycled or renewable material.

Our sustainability efforts

Our ambition is to contribute to a better world through smart lighting solutions. We want everyone who comes into contact with our solutions to be able to fully do what they want in the best possible way, thanks to our lighting.

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Lighting accounts for up to 15 per cent of global electricity consumption.


Smart lighting in combination
with the latest LED technology can reduce energy consumption up to 90 per cent.

Our sustainability agenda

Our sustainability agenda ‘Positive change for better living’ is an integrated part of our business strategy and our daily operations. It also defines our four focus areas with long-term ambitions and defined activities. 

We are acting and working determinedly to contribute to the Global Goals within the UN Agenda 2030 and we have made ambitious commitments to reach the 1.5 degree target from the Paris Agreement and to be a net-zero organisation by no later than 2045.

Our four focus areas

Responsible relations

We work inclusively with respect for each other and raise issues concerning diversity and differences to help us to develop and grow our business. Our Code of Conduct applies for all of our brands and companies. Collaboration and partnerships are crucial. We do this together with our
partners in our efforts within responsible operations.

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Responsible operations

We maintain a holistic and responsible perspective throughout the entire value chain. Our priority is the safety of the people who come into contact with our operations. We develop our products to support healthy and safe environments and to ensure cyber and product safety. No one should be negatively impacted by our operations or by our products and solutions.

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Circular solutions

Our experience and knowledge drive our innovative approach to create circular lighting solutions.  We leverage the latest innovations to reduce our environmental impact and minimise waste. We are working systematically to reduce our GHG emissions and the validation and approval of our climate targets by the SBTi is an important part of this work.

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Knowledge leader

We are knowledge leaders within lighting, with deep expertise within smart and energy-efficient lighting solutions as well as how light contributes to better health and productivity. We guide our customers and partners in improving their sustainability performance through new technology.

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Contributing to better lives

When it comes to people’s well-being, studies in recent years have shown how important light intensity and color temperature can be, for example that light’s color temperatures can create warm light that has a soothing effect and helps us to relax, or cold light that energizes and activates us.

More lighting knowledge 

Sustainability report

Our sustainability report is included our Annual Report as sustainability is an integrated part of our daily business.

Read our latest Annual and Sustainability report here

Group sustainability initiatives

Reduce light pollution with “Wild-Light” 

WE-EF has launched a new generation of luminaires that is geared towards sustainability and offers its users connectivity and future-proofing, for example through “Wild-Light” technology.

Kvisten shows the way

The wooden housed luminaire, Kvisten, is built from 77 percent recycled or renewable materials. For example the reflectors are made from old, recycled television sets.

iGuzzini awarded EcoVadis Gold

Following an assessment process based on international sustainability standards, the leading corporate sustainability ratings company EcoVadis has awarded iGuzzini its Gold Medal.