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Knowledge leader

We have collected a great deal of knowledge about lighting, manufacturing and design in our 75-year history. Our expertise is unique in the industry. We continue to develop new technology and learn more about people and light. This is knowledge we want to share with everyone.

The right lighting solution and lighting plays a central role in creating well-being, a sense of security and creativity in society, yet they are often taken for granted. At Fagerhult Group, we aim to be a knowledge leader who shares the latest knowledge in light. This means helping our customers and partners understand how the industry is developing and how new guidelines and regulations can affect them. We are to guide our users to better sustainability performance through the use of light. As knowledge leaders, we are to provide positive support for our customers, users and society at large.


  • Be a knowledge leader in the industry.
  • Share our knowledge with customers, users and society at large about how smart lighting can improve health, service, as well as reduce climate impact.

Our work as knowledge leaders

To retain and further develop our position as knowledge leaders requires systematic work with training and developing our employees. That is why we have extra focus on sustainable lighting and smart lighting solutions in our internal skills and training programmes. By strengthening our employees and increasing their understanding for how our products can help reduce climate impact, we make it easier for our customers to make more sustainable decisions when they choose lighting solutions.

We place a great deal of emphasis on our shared culture. Our managers are ambassadors in this area and that is why we invest particularly in shared courses. Today we consist of twelve companies with very strong local presence and our employees often remain with us for a long time. The right skills in the right place and continuous internal knowledge sharing are two important components of our work to be knowledge leaders. We work to create a group of employees who complement each other and provide new perspectives. We collaborate in several shared forums, where we share news and develop together. Each relevant development area such as purchasing, innovation, manufacturing, sustainability and marketing, has its own forum.

It is important for us to work together with other actors. We have several established partnerships with companies in air, ventilation, office solutions and safety, and we are seeking additional partners to develop together with to improve our understanding of different working environments, technologies and societies. We conduct several research-related partnerships where, together with colleges and universities, we research how light affects people. Continuing to develop as knowledge leaders is central to our daily operations. To reach our customers, users and others who are affected by lighting, we carry out structured work in everything from seminars, customer meetings and product launches to partnerships and informative communication. We are increasingly taking on an advisory role, since we have unique knowledge regarding design, health, function and technology.

Related material sustainability topics

  • Knowledge and education
  • Attract and retain talent
  • Healthy living “Light & Life”

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Highlighted actions

  • We carry out a talent review, where talents in several different areas are identified.
  • Various internal trainings that focus on skills development , for example sustainability education.
  • We have launched an external communication concept to increase understanding of the value of smart lighting, “7 reasons for smart lighting.”
  • Through our external communication channels, we clarify what our activities and our roadmap towards net zero look like and how we can help our customers reach their climate targets.
  • Organic Response’s Smart Lighting Solution has been accredited by WiredScore Solution. The service helps landlords and developers build smart buildings that improve cost efficiency and meet high sustainability requirements.