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Climate roadmap

Our ambition is to contribute to a better world through smart lighting solutions. We want everyone who comes into contact with our solutions to be able to fully do what they want in the best possible way, thanks to our lighting.

Lighting accounts for up to 15 per cent of global electricity consumption. By using the latest smart lighting solutions, users can reduce energy consumption up to 90 per cent. The lighting industry has significant opportunities to contribute, which is why energy efficiency is a priority for us. Actively driving the transition to a circular economy is also an important priority. Together with our customers, we streamline, reuse, expand or update existing lighting solutions.

Activities to achieve our near-targets by 2030

Use phase

  • Develop and increase the adoption of smart lighting.
  • Encourage use of high effiency luminaires.

Operations (energy and logistics)

  • Reduce footprint from transportation through optimized
    logistics and low-carbon transports.
  • Become more energy efficient and transition to low-carbon
    energy in production.
  • Reduce waste in production.

Materials & components

  • Develop products with less material, i.e. light-weighting.
  • Increase share of recycled materials, e.g. aluminium, steel
    and plastic.
  • Use low carbon electricity aluminium.
  • Reduce number and size of electronic components

Activities to reach our net-zero targets to 2045

Use phase

  • Adoption of 100% smart lighting.

Operations (energy) & logistics

  • Use only renewable energy in production.

Materials & components

  • Continue increasing share of recycled materials.
  • Shift to low-carbon electronics.
  • Reduce footprint even more from materials through
    reducing low-CO2 steel, bioplastics, ultralow-CO2
    aluminum, and reducing casings.

Our climate targets are based in science and are validated and approved by Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

We are committed to deliver our contribution to the UN SDGs. We support all 17 SDGs, including the  169 targets, at the same time as we focus on the SDGs where we have the best ability to contribute  through our business operations and our four focus areas. Our primary focus is therefore SDG 11  Sustainable cities and communities and SDG 12 Responsible consumption and production.

No. 11

Sustainable cities and communities

Buildings and public places are to be made safer and more accessible with the right lighting solutions. Combined with presence sensor controls and enhanced energy efficiency, this will reduce the environmental impact of lighting considerably.

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No. 12

Responsible consumption and production

Circularity increases the durability of existing lighting solutions and reduces GHG emissions, while  creating the prerequisites for the greatest possible benefits throughout the product’s life cycle.

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