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Responsible relations

We work inclusively and responsibly with respect for each other. We consider diversity and differences as strengths that help us to continuously develop and grow our business. Our Code of Conduct applies for all of our brands and companies.

We are a large Group with many different brands and local companies. In order for us to work together productively and effectively, we need to be inclusive and take responsibility for all of our operations and all of our relationships along the value chain. We do not tolerate any form of corruption. We must always safeguard the health and safety of our employees. Our Group-wide values are to be integrated in all processes and day-to-day work.

Partnerships and dialogues between the Group companies are important for our success and development. As partners, we are transparent and honest in our relationships both with returning customers and with new collaborations. It is important for us to support an open and honest culture, one characterised by curiosity and a willingness to be bold, test and develop. Our shared Code of Conduct is the basis for everything we do and how we act, and any deviations can be reported anonymously through our whistleblower system.


  • Carry out diversity and inclusion training
  • Develop recruitment training for managers focused on diversity and how we build resilient operations. This work is based on teams with a variety of viewpoints.
  • Expand the management programme to more people to continue to build a culture that creates space for employees to be bold, to experiment, to learn and to develop.
  • Implement new guidelines for managers where cultivating teams with a variety of viewpoints is an important component.

Our work with responsible relations

During the year we created a joint Code of Conduct for business partners. It is the basis for our actions in relationships with our suppliers, customers and other business partners. It also clarifies the requirements and expectations that we have for our partnerships.

Partnerships and collaborations with people are important parameters for succeeding in our sustainability journey, where all of our stakeholders are included in some form. This applies to internal as well as external partnerships.

Diversity is important for us to become an attractive employer and a successful Group. We see people’s differences as a strength and value different experiences. This is how we work together to create the conditions for an inclusive, respectful and innovative culture. Our companies work continuously to ensure that all employees, irrespective of gender, age, religion, sexual orientation or ethnic background, are given the same opportunities for development and advancement, and we strive to always offer equal pay for equal work. This is stated in our Code of Conduct.

Comfortable and safe workplaces are top priority. This applies to physical as well as psychological safety. None of our employees are to be injured or suffer an accident.

Read our Code of Conduct

Related material sustainability topics:

  • Ethics and anti-corruption
  • Group culture
  • Health and safety
  • Diversity and inclusionAmbitions

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Highlighted actions

  • Internal Code of Conduct training for all employees with external contacts.
  • A joint Code of Conduct for business partners that all companies in a shared IT platform.
  • Employee access to training tool Learnifier to encourages curiosity and a drive to learn more and develop as individuals.
  • A strategy for diversity and inclusivity has been developed.
  • A leadership program with participants from all of the group companies. It is based on our values, curiosity, growth mindset, commitment, inclusive leadership, collaboration and networking.