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At the 2022 AGM, KPMG AB were appointed as auditors, with Mathias Arvidsson as the chief auditor. Among his major auditing assignments, Mathias Arvidsson also has Wallenstam AB, IKEA of Sweden AB and Christian Berner Tech Trade AB. and . The newly appointed auditor participated at the Audit Committee meetings in August and December 2022 and February 2023. The previous auditor Peter Nyllinge (PWC) participated at the Board and Audit Committee meeting in February 2022 and there reported on the 2021 audit.

Auditing of the Group’s companies around the globe is coordinated by KPMG AB. All of the activities of companies with a significant scope of operations are audited by KPMG AB in the respective country, included for the first time in the Group audit were the following larger sub-groups; LED Linear, WE-EF, Veko and Designplan. For a number of smaller companies, the audit is performed by other accounting firms.