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Press Release | 7 Feb, 2006 | 15:48 | Regulatory

Fagerhult pushes boundaries in cooperation with Claesson Koivisto Rune and Olle Lundberg

Light is the starting point for many art forms – a source of inspiration, and often an absolute requirement, for the creative process. Light is an inspiration behind artistic creativity, our perception and appreciation; something that has been explored but not always defined. For a lighting company such as Fagerhult, the art of light is grounded in an exact science; it’s something that can be measured, quantified and con-trolled. So what happens if you take that concept of light as a starting point and use the light itself as a medium in the creative process?Within the scope permitted by the latest lighting technology and demands for functional, comfortable and energy-efficient light, Fagerhult has given some of Sweden’s most exciting designers the freedom to explore their own personal take on the subject. Free forms given the collective name of The Art of Light. In connection with the Northern Light Fair (8-12 February), the architectural trio Claesson Koivisto Rune and industrial designer Olle Lundberg are launching two luminaires that push the boundaries of design.Based on their own experiences and a desire for a lighting solution like no other, the architects Claesson Koivisto Rune have created Wall, a luminaire of classical simplicity.“Lighting, or LIGHT as such, is one of architecture’s steadfast foundation stones. Wall is a range of luminai-res in symbiosis with architecture. It must be easy for the architect to use – and not cry out for attention,” says the architect trio.“In general, it’s a case of playing down the luminaire’s significance – it is the light you want, not the luminaire. With this in mind, the aim is to create as neutral a luminaire as possible. A luminaire that is perceived as an integral part of the wall. It sounds easy, but is extremely hard to find.”The design is founded on precision and meticulous accuracy that permeates every detail. In an advanced process, the plate is cut and welded by laser, with the angles interlocking seamlessly without any signs of manufacture.If Claesson Koivisto Rune have pursued minimalism to the utmost in their technical approach, industrial designer Olle Lundberg has chosen to produce a generous design that uses an unexpected combination of light sources. By combining the circular T5-C light with standard T5-fluorescent lamps, Lundberg has rewritten the rules on how suspended fittings should look. Orosso offers advanced curved lighting.“Four light sources of two different types had to function together as one and highlight the shape of the luminaire, whilst also providing even luminance across the entire surface. The difficult part is working out how to use this technology. You must be able to manage the qualities of light and have a feeling for how people will experience the luminaire in situ. The trick is to use light in the design in such a way that you heighten the experience.”For more information on Wall, please contact:Ulrika CalzonProduct Managertel: +46 36 10 87 38mobile: +46 70 577 79 39e-post: ulrika.calzon@fagerhult.seFor more information on Orosso, please contact:Håkan JohanssonProduct Managertel: +46 36 10 87 44mobil:e +46 70 652 32 94e-post:


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