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Press Release | 11 Sep, 2007 | 13:21 | Regulatory

Fagerhult recognised for thinking outside of the box

Open Box is part of Fagerhults ‘Art of light’ collection, a series of luminaires that push the boundaries of lighting and what is possible. Open Box takes a different approach to other fluorescent pendants by using contrasts between the open and enclosed. Instead of enclosing the light sources in a conventional luminaire housing, the space between them is accentuated, with the light sources being hidden in the lower and upper body. The onlooker sees only the consequences of the design rather than the technical solution as the location of the light source is not immediately obvious, creating a small illusion.

An illusion obviously appreciated by the hard to please Red Dot jury, who decided to give Open Box the distinction Red Dot Best of The Best. In total 2548 products had been entered into the competition, 666 received a diploma and only 44 were awarded Best of The Best, of which three were in the lighting category.

The prize was awarded at the Aalto theatre in Essen on June 25 to Fagerhult’s product manager Håkan Johansson and designer Gustav Nord who designed the luminaire together with his colleagues Casper Asmussen and Filip Sauer at Propeller AB. This was followed by a banquet at the Design museum in Essen, and the opportunity to see the new design exhibition featuring Red Dot awarded product designs. The exhibition, where Open Box is represented, runs for the remainder of the year and is housed in a piece of industrial history – the Zeche Zollverein coal mine’s former boiler room. The building is classified on the World Heritage List and has appropriately been called “a cathedral of industrial culture".

For more information please contact:
Håkan Johansson
Product Manager
tel: +46 36 10 87 44
mobile: 046 070 652 32 94

Thomas Hermansson
Marketing Manager
tel: +46 36 10 87 32
mobile: +46 70 591 35 90