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Press Release | 27 Mar, 2008 | 14:45 | Regulatory

Fagerhult Retail launches a new Lighting Concept Tool

This tool offers the opportunity to mix and try different lighting solutions, without having a broad knowledge of lighting. Simply by changing the controls of the light sources the user will get the desired effect.

The Lighting Concept Tool also has quite a sophisticated a function that calculates the total energy consumption and explains how to keep the energy bill down with continuous and planned maintenance. The largest difference from the first version of the tool is that this one offers several different shop environments; a fashion shop, car hall, grocery store and a media shop. This makes it easier for the customers to imagine their shop in the different lighting designs. It also gives the possibility to communicate what is important when making the lighting design for different types of shops, depending on what products they sell and what customers they want to attract. The tool is based on a lighting philosophy that assumes that different kinds of consumers are attracted to different lighting concepts.

By dividing the lighting design into varying concepts such as; basic, cool, cosy, trendy and exclusive, the retailer knows what the lighting design can make their consumers feel when they enter their shop. Fagerhult Retail wishes to show their clients that there are several techniques available that can transform the ambience and atmosphere of a space simply by modifying the lighting.

“Our design tool was developed from a basic wish to fully understand what our clients want to achieve with their lighting. To do this we looked at transforming some of our specific terminology into groups of images which are more easily visualized. The groups are then represented using software and lighting techniques, exploring the possibilities and ideas,” says David Francis MD at Fagerhult Retail.

“It will contribute with giving our customers the understanding of what part the lighting design has for the total interior concept”, says Kristian Renström, Lighting Design Manager.