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Press Release | 12 Jun, 2008 | 13:45 | Regulatory

Fagerhult wins Design S/Swedish Design Award

– The prize is evidence that Fagerhult's efforts in innovative lighting design with technical solutions for efficient energy utilisation and environmental considerations are in line with the times, states Fagerhult's Production Manager, Håkan Johansson.

DesignS is the latest in a number of prestigious awards. In 2007 Open Box received, amongst other awards, the ”Red Dot – Best of the Best” international design prize. The luminaire is part of the ”Art of Light” collection where Fagerhult – who have established a name for themselves for light-ergonomic, efficient high-tech luminaires - demonstrate how specialist know-how can also be used as a raw material for a more personal form of expression.

The Propeller design studio lies behind the design, creating a unique luminaire by questioning traditional luminaire design and thinking "outside the box". The idea was to open up the luminaire housing - open the box - and make it possible to look right through the luminaire. In order to utilise the luminaire's inner space the lower long side has been perforated; the light forces its way through as small elements and illuminates the whole of the inner space. A play on surfaces that also appealed to the DesignS jury, who motivates the choice of Open Box thus:

Jury statement
Open Box draws its own airy symbol in public settings. Taking into account various environmental issues and with its high manufacturing finish, it offers ergonomic and aesthetic lighting quality. A lighting series with broad commercial luminosity and worth an award.

This year's edition of Design S is specifically directed towards design for the environment, welfare and long-term quality of life. Open Box with its energy-conscious fundamental concept fits in particularly well here. – The idea with this type of product is that it should add design and a sense of added value to the working environment. The diametrical opposite to a throwaway product, says Håkan Johansson.
– Open Box is made to last, which we have made possible by using the latest technology.

For further information please contact Fagerhults Belysning AB,
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Product Manager
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Marketing Director
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