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Interim Report | Financials | 24 Apr, 2014 | 14:06 | Regulatory

Interim Report January - March 2014

Comments by CEO Johan Hjertonsson:

  • The Group’s best Q1 for orders received, sales and operating profit.
  • The Group has increased the market shares in several important markets
  • We have increased the order book by almost MSEK 100.
  • The quarter includes two large orders in the UK amounting to MSEK 60, of which fifty percent has been invoiced in the first quarter.
  • Retained strong gross margins.
  • The share of LED solutions amounted to approximately 30 % during the quarter.
  • We are of the opinion that the market will continue to improve during the year, but the upturn may be drawn out and will vary between markets.
  • The acquisition of Arlight was completed in February but has not had any impact of profit for the quarter, as acquisition costs negate the operating profit.