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Interim Report | Financials | 29 Apr, 2021 | 11:25 | Regulatory

Interim Report January-March 2021

The first quarter:

  • Order intake was MSEK 1,854 (2,146), a decline of -13.6% adjusted to -7.4% for currency effects of MSEK -108 and disposals of MSEK -27

  • Net sales were MSEK 1,678 (1,689), a decline of -0.7% adjusted to +6.6% for currency effects of MSEK -97 and disposals of MSEK -24

  • Operating profit was MSEK 152.9 (10.7), an increase of 1,329% with an operating margin of 9.1 (0.6)%

  • Earnings after tax were MSEK 96.2 (loss 16.4)

  • Earnings per share were SEK 0.53 (loss 0.10)

  • Cash flow from operating activities was MSEK 58.6 (87.9)

Comments from CEO Bodil Sonesson:

  • The first quarter of 2021 was improved in many areas and we are satisfied with the steady progress and ongoing recovery from the effects of the pandemic.

  • The quarterly operating margin at 9,1% is at a good level with the current market conditions.

  • Whilst Covid persists and we still have a lot of extra measures in place, the new ways of working are effective, and the steady improvement is visible. As a result, we have currently decided to not provide detailed separate Covid updates. If the situation changes, we will of course review this.

  • As a fundamental part of our connectivity and sustainability strategy, the acquisition of the balance 80% of the shares in Seneco is a significant step. From a sustainability perspective, the Seneco technology has a significant impact on reducing energy consumption in outdoor lighting.

  • The Group now has connected solutions for both indoor and outdoor lighting  where market demands continue to grow.

  • The main focus for this quarter’s strategy work is continued internal work with our Group core values and  our sustainability strategy gathers pace. We are working on the Group materiality analysis with many stakeholder interviews as part of the process.   

An investor webcast following the Quarter 1 Report 2021 will be held on 29 April 2021 at 15:30 CET.

A link to the webcast will be available on

A Management presentation will also be published on