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Press Release | Innovation | Sustainability | 23 Nov, 2023 | 10:30

7 reasons for smart lighting

We have collected our knowledge around the Group and put together our 7 reasons for smart lighting. In the full guide you can read about how businesses, real estate companies, municipalities or cities can futureproof their premises, meet sustainability targets and integrate with other systems to offer new services to tenants and citizens.

Here are seven reasons to explore smart lighting now, contributing to a better future for businesses and the planet.

1. Healthier living

Did you know we spend 90 % of our lives indoors? That’s why getting lighting right isn’t just about functionality and aesthetics – lighting can mimic natural daylight to create a more pleasant and comfortable environment. It makes employees and residents healthier, happier and more productive.

2. Waste less energy

There’s no need to waste light because with smart lighting you have total control, allowing you to adapt to actual usage and seasonal changes. In fact, you could be slashing energy consumption by up to 90 % by making sure that lighting is only turned on when needed and at the right intensity.

3. Become circular

‘Reduce, reuse, recycle’ are pillars in all forward-looking sustainability strategies. By letting you know for how long they have been used and when repairs and maintenance are needed, smart lighting fixtures can last longer – and may even get reused.

4. Open granular infrastructure

With a sensor in every luminaire, you are guaranteed to cover every inch of the building – even the toilets. Creating a granular network with open APIs, smart lighting becomes the backbone of the building’s services and interacts seamlessly with heating, ventilation and AC and other services. It’s time to think holistically.

5. Value added services

With innovative services, such as apps to control workspace lighting, book meeting rooms or get access to other smart building services, you create a better experience for the users. Outdoor lighting options allow cities to use smart lighting to create the right atmosphere for events, or a ‘leading light’ to guide a crowd.

6. Securely managed

A smart lighting infrastructure located in the cloud allows the user to configure, manage and monitor the system remotely at any time, as well as automating tasks like emergency light-testing. Cloud services are more efficient and support you in adhering to the latest security standards.

7. Flexible future

With constantly evolving needs – whether that’s changing an office work environment or adapting an outdoor system – smart lighting is easy to reconfigure and adopt, without expensive rewiring or unnecessary downtime.

Download the full guide with the 7 reasons for smart lighting.