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Press Release | Innovation | Sustainability | 17 Jan, 2024 | 11:25

Three methods to cut emissions from flat panel lights

Innovation is of great importance to Fagerhult Group, as it allows us not only to deliver professional lighting solutions that contribute to better lives, but also to take further steps towards achieving a circular and net-zero business. We concurrently promote an entrepreneurial spirit and individuality among our brands, placing significant confidence in their unique expertise and competence to craft products tailored to diverse markets. Undoubtedly, a strong passion for sustainability and extensive knowledge around lighting drives our collective efforts.

This approach has resulted in substantial emission reductions for the traditional flat panel in three different ways. The three brands had the same challenge developing their popular product by looking into material, use and recycle. The products almost look like before, but they are very different.

iGuzzini: Light shed
The Light shed is manufactured out of up to 85 % recycled material and at the end of its life, the luminaire can be 100 % recycled for new uses. The luminaire is very light, it weighs a total of 1.8 kg, which is significantly less than a traditional luminaire of the same size. The low weight makes installation easier and makes transportation more sustainable. Also, it is designed to last over time and it is equipped with elements that are easy to remove and repair.

With its many application areas, such as sound-absorbing, and its flexible design, Light Shed has already won several design awards, including the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.
96 % of the environmental impact of Light Shed depends on its use, so it is fitted with high efficiency LEDs and smart lighting technology in order to save energy during use phase.

Light Shed - Designing Wellbeing (

Fagerhult: Multilume Re:Think
Fagerhult challenged themselves into thinking outside the box, resulting in - a little box. By replacing the materials in the luminaire body from metal to cardboard, Fagerhult reduced climate impact from the luminaire body by 81 %. There are no plastic parts or non-recyclable packaging, only recyclable corrugated cardboard remains after installation.

Multilume Re:Think is a result of dialogue and collaboration with the suppliers and even the suppliers supplier. The collaboration led to prototypes in different materials, until they found a material that would be suitable for this luminaire – solid carboard that was totally new to the sector. Never have they tested a prototype more than this one.

More than 90 % of the luminaire can be recycled into new materials and the rest can be recycled into energy. The luminaire body, made of Swedish natural fibre and recycled materials, can be 100 % recycled. Multilume Re:Think also comes with integrated sensors that automatically share presence data and helps you save energy from day one.

Multilume Re:Think – The waste is the win - Fagerhult (International)

Whitecroft: Cascade Flex Vitality
Whitecroft Vitality is a new approach to circularity developed by Whitcroft. It’s about creating long term, interconnected partnerships between the supply chain, manufacturer and customer around the product. The flat panel luminaire Cascade Flex Vitality was designed with a circular approach and careful consideration given to the materials. The luminaire features a replaceable central cartridge which can be returned, refurbished and reused multiple times ensuring that the materials remain in use without a sacrifice to the luminaires performance, before eventually being recycled at the end of its life. Cascade Flex Vitality is also open to smart lighting solutions for saving energy through the use phase.

In July 2020, with the launch of Cascade Flex Vitality, Whitecroft Lighting brought to market its first Cradle to Cradle Certified™ product. A certification which ensures products are made with careful consideration of the materials used in construction, their effect on people and the environment and how they can be re-used and later recycled at the end of life.

Cascade Flex Vitality (