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Interim Report | Financials | 21 Aug, 2013 | 13:55 | Regulatory

Interim report, January – June 2013

Comments by CEO Johan Hjertonsson:

  • The demand in the late-cycle Indoor Lighting and Retail Lighting Business Areas is stable at a low level, which is in line with previous assessments, and we believe that the market is likely to continue to be weak during the second half year.
  • A positive level of orders received was seen in the second quarter, MSEK 818 (861), which is an increase of 12% compared with the first quarter 2013. This is a decline compared with the strong comparative period Q2 2012 which had been largely due to the strong Swedish krona.
  • An improved operating profit in the second quarter compared with the previous year, MSEK 50.9 (44.7).
  • The lower level of sales has been compensated for through costs savings and a stronger gross margin during the second quarter.
  • Strong cash flow from the on-going operations during the quarter.
  • I-Valo Oy was acquired during the quarter and compliments the Group’s offering to heavy industry.