We light up your world.

Fagerhult Group understands the importance of light for better living. Our brands bring with them years of experience and future facing-technology. Whilst nurturing their individual characteristics, we ensure that know-how, brilliance and a strong commitment to sustainability shine through everything we do.

Our brands


Lighting solutions for all European markets and for global customers.


Lighting solutions for selected applications, tailored to local market requirements.


Specialty lighting solutions for critical infrastructure and industrial applications.

From rural Västergötland to all over the world

Brightening up people's lives inspired Bertil Svensson to found Fagerhult in 1945. Today, Fagerhult Group is one of Europe's leading lighting companies with 4,100 employees in 27 countries. Bertil would be proud to see how we’ve grown while remaining true to our origins.

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We recruit valuable people with values

Our entrepreneurial spirit and love of innovation affect our entire work culture. Perhaps that’s why collaborative doers tend to thrive here.

With just the right amount of challenges and support, there is plenty of room to grow and develop within the organization. Read more here about a career within Fagerhult Group.

Sustainability integrated into our daily business

We are concerned about the challenges our planet is facing. And as providers of lighting solutions, we understand our responsibility. That’s why we are committed to developing circular and climate-positive products.

But contributing to a better environment is just part of our responsibility towards the world. Read more here about our sustainability work.


Focus on better lives and an enhanced world

Some areas are especially important to us. We improve people’s well-being by developing indoor lighting that adapts to the body’s natural rhythm. We improve society by enhancing beauty and increasing safety in outdoor environments. And through everything runs connectivity, which adds intelligence, points us to new areas, and expands the conception of what lighting solutions can do.

Focus areas

Organic Response - our smart lighting platform

A lighting fixture’s main impact upon the environment comes from its energy consumption. This is why Organic Response’s solution is so important. Added to a lighting fixture, it is completely plug-and-play, works without commissioning and minimizes energy consumption and cost.

News from our brands

Fagerhult X Securitas

In partnership with Securitas, Fagerhult introduces a solution where we combine lighting control with security. The system assist the alarm equipment in locating people still inside a building – or see where unwelcome intrusions may have occurred.

Robin wins the Red Dot Award

Robin, the spotlight designed by the architect and designer Matteo Thun and inspired by the elegance and agility of the famous small bird has received the “Red Dot” award in the “Red Dot Awards: Product Design 2021” initiative.

Fagerhult X Sony

Fagerhult, together with Sony, introduce a smart collaboration where we package lighting control and navigation, to provide tools for more efficient and dynamic ways of working.

Whitecroft launches Flight

Flight’s removable light cartridge gives full access to all individual parts to be maintained and upgraded throughout its life. It is made using fewer resources making it 50% lighter than its predecessor. Of the resources used 39% come from recycled sources.

New European Competency Centre

Organic Response opens a Competency Centre in the Swedish city of Linköping. The centre will focus on further development and increase support for customers in the local market.

Introducing, responsive street lighting

WE-EF is launching Eco Step Dim® Motion, a wireless light control that reacts to human movement. This way streets are lit up only when needed with significant energy savings as a result.